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Favorite Family Photos

On this page are some of my favorite family photos. If you have some photos you'd like to share with other family members, please send them to me and I'll post them here.

Lillian and Margaret Myrick
Lil Myrick (my great aunt Lil) and Margaret Myrick (my grandmother)

Click on photos for larger image.

James Peters family

James Everett Peters, Mary Ellen Myers and their sons.

top:Aunt Bet(James' sister Elizabeth), Margaret Peters, Madge Peters (wife of Everett), Everett, James E Peters. Middle row: Harriett Peters (wife of Ralph), Mary Ellen Peters,Front: Lucille Peters, Jim Peters, Sammy Peters, Betty Peters, Lloyd Peters Sr. abt. 1924

Lloyd G. Peters, Sr. Age 16

Margaret Lloyd and others

Margaret Myrick Peters, Lloyd Peters Sr. (in the cool pants)
They are pictured here with two of Margaret's brothers and her brother-in-law.

Mary Smith

Mary Smith Myrick daughter of Josiah Curtis Smith and Delany Celesta McCoskey. She was my great grandmother.

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