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Littles and McCoskeys Scotland>Ireland>VA>KY>IN

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The Little Family
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My name is Cindy (Peters) Thomson.

This is what I've been able to learn about grandmother's family. Her name was Margaret Myrick and she was born in Cloverland, IN in 1900. Her family was among the earliest settlers of IN. Other names included are: SMITH, MYRICK, MEYERS, MCBRIDE, MILES, PETERS. The Peters side is my grandfather's side, Margaret's husband. His name was Lloyd G. Peters, Sr. His family lived around the Terre Haute, IN area. He was born in 1901.

New Update:
I don't have new information to share right now, but I'm always looking to connect with lost cousins. If you find incorrect information here or have something to add, please e-mail me!

New! Read my article, Tracing the Scots-Irish.

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Lloyd G. Peters, Sr. and Margaret Myrick Peters and their children

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I have tried very hard to document sources for my information. However, some of it came from researchers and some came from biographies and I have not as yet been able to verify all of it. Please verify your own family information, and don't expect it to be one hundred percent accurate because I have put it on this page. I believe the names are correct (nicknames could be wrong) but there is some variation of dates between sources.

Many thanks to the distant McCoskey cousins and Little cousins and Peters cousins (some of those are not distant!)

You know who you are. Thanks for sharing!

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