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Prayer Requests
Sulphur Grove YF Alumni
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Please keep the Telljohann family in your prayers. Jim's dad, Henry, passed away Feb. 15, 2004.

Former Sulphur Grove choir director, Marge Hageman, has passed away. Please keep her family in your prayers. Her daughter, Liz, was youth choir director when most of us were in high school.

I'd like to have a prayer request added for my niece, Nichole Hugo.  We just found out that she has osteosarcoma, a rare type of bone cancer normally found in children ages 10 - 20.  She is 15.  She is currently going through chemotherapy and may have to have surgery following the chemo.  The tumor is located on the bone of her thigh (femur).  Anyways, I'd appreciate it if everyone could keep her in their prayers.
Joanne Young (Hugo)

Bill Shriver (Lisa Luking's husband) 's father passed away late last year. Lisa and Bill were back from Japan for awhile, but I didn't see them. Keep the Shriver's in your prayers.


Add your requests here. Just email Cindy.