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Photo Album
Sulphur Grove YF Alumni
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Thanks to Ted Larson for pulling the following papers out of his garage and sharing them with us!  1974!  I guess it was about time you cleaned out your garage, Ted!  :)




Pictures from the reunion on June 23rd.

Top: Keith Jacoby and John Stemen.
Bottom: Tom Thomson, Jim Bassinger


When I get a new scanner, I'll do these over. I like the middle picture. It shows that "real" men clean up!

Scroll down for a larger picture of the group shot.

more old yfers

yf reunion group

(Maiden names are used for ease of recognition)
Tom Thomson, John Stemen, Jim Bassinger, Keith Jacoby, Jim Telljohann, Rev. Bill Miller, Chip Saxe, Amy Saxe, Kelly Hutson, Bruce Bauman, Dave Thomas
Paul Wilkey, Leslie Jacoby, Cris Mantia, Melodie Beavers, Lynn Patterson
Lisa Mott, Sandy Miller, Cindy Peters, Sandy Drodge, Lori Rader, Lois Drodge

Unfortunately, some people left before this picture was taken.